20 ideas for finding RCIA sponsors

To be a sponsor is to make a big commitment. Believe it or not, there are many people in your parish who are looking to make a big commitment. Sometimes we undersell the commitment people have to make. All that does is say to the volunteer, “I’m not really going to ask very much of you because I don’t think you’d really want to do this anyway.” Try the opposite. Emphasize the important contribution the sponsor must make to the lives of the catechumens and how essential it is to the gospel mission that people like him make a sacrifice for the sake of the faith.

Also, ask the people who are likely to say yes. A sponsor is not someone sitting at home with nothing to do. That person has already said no a thousand times. That’s why he has so much free time. Here’s a list of 20 kinds of people to ask to be sponsors.

  1. Those who have completed their neophyte year.
  2. The spouses of the newly initiated.
  3. The parents of the newly initiated.
  4. The in-laws of the newly initiated.
  5. The president of the parish council, six months before his term expires.
  6. A Catholic school teacher, six months before her retirement.
  7. A retired priest.
  8. A retired sister.
  9. The chairperson of last year’s banquet committee.
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  11. All the communion ministers.
  12. All the lectors.
  13. All the ushers.
  14. The parish’s top ten financial contributors.
  15. All the single mothers who had a baby baptized within the last five years.
  16. All the grandparents of those babies.
  17. All the ex-teenagers who were confirmed five years ago.
  18. The parents of all the children who have celebrated first communion within the last five years.
  19. The grandparents of those children.
  20. All the “Protestants married to Catholics” who were received into the Catholic Church in the last five years.
  21. All of the choir members.

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  1. Hello Nick,
    Many thanks for tips on recruiting sponsors. It is a tough assignment for any “sponsor ambassador”.
    God Blessed,

  2. Someone suggested this technique and I found it to be true: Sit in the middle of the assembly during Mass! Those in the front pews are the people who often are already involved in parish life. Those who sit in the back are often those who come to Mass, but usually will not want to participate in ministry. However, those in the middle are more open if given an invitation.
    Give it a try!
    Interesting web site!

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