Q&A: Proxies for the scrutinies

2 thoughts on “Q&A: Proxies for the scrutinies”

  1. At our parish we have a select pool of parishioners upon who we call for help as godparents at scrutinies. They are long term members and some are former RCIA catechumens or candidates. We used one yesterday to accompany Catechumen to Rites of Sending and Election.

  2. Jeanne Thompson

    Although an application is not required in our parish, the Sponsors Eligibility Form is, as it should be, within Canon Law for the suitability of baptismal/confirmation Godparents/sponsors. This is done only of course for those who are not in the same parish of registration. Otherwise the pastor/administrator can approve verbally after what Diana has called “a conversation.”
    We also had a Proxy this past Sunday. But only our Catechumens sign the Book of the Elect. The proxy should be approved by at least the RCIA Director/Coordinator in advance of the Rite and not asked in the parking lot in the eleventh hour!

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