You get what you measure: What the new translation of the Rite (Order) of Christian Initiation of Adults means by “conversion”

I once had to call an online shoe company about a problem with my order, and I was dreading it. These days, you don’t get to talk to a human. You have to “press or say” numbers in response to robotic questions. But I had no choice. I took a deep breath and dialed the number for Zappos. And a human … [Read more...]

RCIA in the Easter Season: How to continue forming elect, catechumens, and candidates

Michael Marchal is a retired teacher of high school English and college philosophy. He has worked with the RCIA in his parish since 1976 and has written three books on different aspects of the process. Later this spring his latest work, Reborn in the Spirit: Preparing At Home for Infant Baptism was … [Read more...]