How do we foster conversion in the seekers, according the Rite (Order) of Christian Initiation of Adults?

In previous posts, we looked at what the Rite (Order) of Christian Initiation of Adults says about why conversion is important and what the church means by conversion. In this post, we want to look at how, according to the rite, we can foster conversion in seekers. When we are talking about the … [Read more...]

Reflection Questions for RCIA Seekers: Year C – Epiphany to the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Epiphany Background: Matthew’s predominantly Jewish audience would have been a bit startled by the three Gentile “wise men” who come to adore the newborn King of the Jews. Yet Second Temple Judaism through the writings of the prophets had inherited a universalist component—as we see today in the … [Read more...]

You get what you measure: What the new translation of the Rite (Order) of Christian Initiation of Adults means by “conversion”

I once had to call an online shoe company about a problem with my order, and I was dreading it. These days, you don’t get to talk to a human. You have to “press or say” numbers in response to robotic questions. But I had no choice. I took a deep breath and dialed the number for Zappos. And a human … [Read more...]