What is your RCIA job, really?

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19 thoughts on “What is your RCIA job, really?”

  1. ALoha Nick,

    You are a gifted person and I thank you for your insights and articles. I think that if we were to summary the gifts you cited, we would need to preface by saying that we need to take the “Leadership” in leading others to Christ by praying for wisdom, patience, understanding, hope and more importantly, the ability to love unconditionally as well as forgive unconditionally.

    Deacon Kin

  2. All of the above plus the 1 most essential thing:

    I pray for our RCIA–our pastor, candidates, catechumens, team, sponsors…mostly, for the grace to know God’s will..

  3. So, Nick, I am promoting “God Whisperer.” Well, more properly, “Holy Spirit Whisperer.” This being closely aligned with “Radar Evangelist.” No, no, I have not been into the altar wine. Listen.

    I mean to say – at its core – it is our “job” (make that, calling) to pray and listen, to watch and speak. Further, we need to tell and facilitate what we hear in prayer when we see the real world opportunities the Holy Spirit sets before us in the daily parish comings-and-goings. We must become deft at stepping back from the world’s noise, tuning in to the subtle movement of the Holy Spirit and, with a well oiled supernatural radar, doing something about it when the occasion arises.

    In essence this RCIA ministry is both a call and an affirmation that our first “job” of all is to personal holiness, to putting Jesus in the director’s chair of our ministry. If it is not “In HIs Name, In His Honor” it simply isn’t. However, when He is the guide and author of our ministerial work, grace flows and things happen.

    Sorry to be preaching to the choir, I know you know, but it feels good to get it out there sometimes! God’s peace.

  4. Wow! I was just asked to submit my job description last week. And I thought it would be easier to have something to start with so I “searced” for a sample description on the web. And I found one similar to what you put in your article. Deep down I wanted to put it into my own simple words and be less formal, but wondered how our new pastor would feel about it. So I went with the more formal language and kept the traditional title “RCIA Coordinator”. Your article reminds me that it is healthy to take each line of our descriptions and put in our own words so we make it real, so we can better undestand & live up to what what we need to be doing and get help where we need it. And I would like to change my title from RCIA Coordinator to “Vehicle for the Holy Spirit to move hearts.”

  5. I am glad to see that you had a awareness and alertness to God’s calling as to your actual success. I ask, what is in a name? What is in the changing of titles? Religious director to liturgical consultant, homemaker to domestic engineer? I believe it is all about the times we live in. Consultants probably make more monies than directors. Domestic engineers do not make monies. They have the satisfaction of holding their families together in a very tough family time. Domestic engineers also are eclectic in nature. They rely on many home professions, titles to get their job done which is 7/24/365 (366).

    I once had certifications after my RN degree. It really did not give me anything but status symbol. When one has a calling, he or she is given a gift that nothing else can be compared to. I am more than sure without a shadow of a doubt, you have a special gift from God to do what you do so effectively. All I am saying is, don’t get caught up in titles, because they eventually fade away.

    Be thankful for the Gifts that the Blessed Trinity has bestowed on you to assist others as ministers of Faith. Because when God’s Love is complete all his special Gifts will be gone. Keep God’s Faith and Love. TTT

  6. wouldn’t it be great if others on the pastoral staff shared those same qualifications, particularly openness to collaborative ministry.

    having qualifications on paper does not always translate to effectiveness in execution of the job

    my job is to constantly be open to the action of the Holy Spirit and not get in His way when he moves in the lives of catechumens, families etc

  7. I started working with the RCIA program in my parish 2 years ago. I asked the person who was the coordinator if I could come and volunteer. I came every week, brought cookies and mostly sat and listened to the presentation. When the coordinator moved to another state I sort of moved into her place. I send out the weekly reminder e-mail, greet people at the door, make coffee and bring cookies and be there if anyone has a question. Our program is taught by a seminary professor and our priest. I leave the heavy duty stuff to them, however I did teach the Rosary one evening and I also mentor a student every Sunday.

  8. Mildred RICHARDSON

    wonderful comments and inspires from all. Thank you. Been in a supportive role for many years in RCIA. Find there is always more to experience and learn. Come Holy Spirit!

  9. I have just been appointed to teach RCIA – halfway through an intake. I wouldn’t call myself a coordinator but rather the only person they could think of who had a sound Catholic upbringing. I did follow the programme as a sponsor two years ago but I am thoroughly unprepared for this. My only experience of RCIA teachers were trained Deacons. The parish priest ‘owns’ the process but is rarely involved. I have joined TEAMRCIA in the hope that it can inspire me with the Holy Spirit and assist me in this very important task. I have few of the skills that you list but was told yesterday that there was nobody else. I am in a small parish in South Africa. Things are different here. I feel totally overwhelmed and unworthy.

  10. Hi Nick
    I have been asked to be the “RCIA Leader for Children” in our parish. Currently, I meet with only two children. But it will be growing and the director has offered an assistant. Being very new in this role I need all the guidance I can get. Outside of the required teachings I would like to instill a love of Jesus in the children hearts. To focus more on God’s word. With all the Catholic church is going through at this time – I want to make this experience to be one of faith and developing a relationship with the Lord, not so much religion doctrine. So what title would I give myself: Disciple.

  11. Thank you for not publishing my email.

    The journey of life takes to places far beyond our daily expectations. to journey with the precious journeyer, Jesus, for me, is to be open to the unknown horizons of the sea, the the morning glints of the rising sun, the speckled skies of the evening stars and the individual touch of His Love and Way of being with us.

    To listen, see and be in awe is for me life’s journey. Welcome sojourners!

    the wisdom of age has brought me to this understanding of LIFE.
    I try to look HOW Jesus is with us.
    Gracious Blessngs, MaryAnn Dobbs MSE DRE & RCIA

  12. Another body was needed to teach a group that badly needed splitting: A 17 year old did not need to be in with a 40ish lawyer. So I was chosen! I love teaching three non-native English speakers (17, 20, 21), but am working hard to overcome their negative experience with the first weeks of RCIA. It is so important to make personal commitment to the students and not just read a hand out and bark questions to those who did not understand the vocabulary used. I am stressing their spiritual life as that will stay with them rather than a weird chart on virtues and saints. The first leader had no time for the Bible, yet that is a foundation stone for our beliefs! I doubt I will do this another time, but for now it is rather fun.

  13. I am the inadequate person the priest chose to coordinate the parish RCIA program. I passed through RCIA as a candidate 7 years ago, which is my only Catholic training.

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