How the Dismissal of Catechumens Creates a Catechumenal Culture

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Diana Macalintal and Nick Wagner


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One of the most powerful ways to develop a catechumenal culture in your community is by sending the catechumens forth from the liturgy to share their joy and their spiritual experiences (RCIA 67A).

Unfortunately, some parishes treat the liturgical dismissal of catechumens as optional or even antithetical to their faith journey.

Many initiation teams and even pastors ask why the liturgical dismissal of the catechumens is even necessary. We’re going to cover that in depth so that you’ll have a compelling answer for parishioners, catechumens, and team members.

A lot of questions come from both new and veteran initiation ministers who are not really sure what the liturgical dismissal of the catechumens is. Some have never heard of it and some are not sure who it’s for. We’re going to make sure you come away knowing exactly what the liturgical dismissal of the catechumens is and who participates in it

Format Online Video
ISBN 08-089NDrec
Publisher TeamRCIA
Publication Year 2022
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