Episode 84: The core message RCIA inquirers need to hear

2 thoughts on “Episode 84: The core message RCIA inquirers need to hear”

  1. I completely disagree with the idea of having a Rite of Acceptance outside of a Mass. We are bringing these people into the faith community and to not have the community (at large) present goes against everything we have been taught that RCIA is supposed to be.

  2. In reference to deacons presiding at the Rite of Acceptance, one thing to think about is that there are parts of the country (like here in the south) where some churches are mission churches to larger parishes which might be 30 or 40 minutes away. A deacon who is assigned to the mission church, and who actually lives in the city or town of that mission church, often times has a more personal relationship with the people than the appointed pastor. Many times due to distance and scheduling these mission churches in outlying areas must celebrate Sunday Liturgy in the absence of a priest. In this case I think the Deacon celebrating the Rite of Acceptance would be most appropriate.

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