Episode 68: Five tips for mystagogical preaching and teaching

3 thoughts on “Episode 68: Five tips for mystagogical preaching and teaching”

  1. Barbara Frigmanski

    Regarding episode 68 – it was enlightening. I have experienced in my ten years of RCIA that it isn’t that priests don’t necessarily understand the rites (especially the scrutinies) but that they don’t like the process or time they take during the mass. I have encountered this more than once. Such a shame to not be able to share with the congregation the many highlights of the RCIA journey especially being a Universal Church. When the priest is in the lead position and has the say, how do you handle this situation? Shouldn’t they be more responsive to the RCiA process? Maybe we need to focus on this more in the seminary?

  2. Maybe we aren’t sharing the fruits of these liturgical celebrations with our priests. If he knew the impact it was having on the lives and faith of people, maybe he would stop being concerned about the time. I experienced this myself recently. I was surprised to receive a letter from two teenagers after their baptism at Easter Vigil. One shared that even after months of attending RCIA and listening to the teachings she still wasn’t convinced there was a God. She said everything changed for her when I sent them to the adoration chapel during one of the classes. She experienced God there. I never would have known this unless she said something. I now have a new outlook and direction for structuring our weekly time together. No “content” is so important that I can’t make time to have chapel visits every so often. All thanks to the courage and vulnerability of that one child. Maybe your priest has never been exposed to the profound impact these liturgical rites can have on an individual. Share the fruits with him.

  3. Linda Munoz Blackwood

    Our pastor is a convert to Catholicism. Needless to say, he experienced the RCIA process and he is 100% enthusiastic about what we do. He celebrates the Rites beautifully, explaining to parishioners the what and why, and he teaches five of our classes throughout the year! We are blessed

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