Episode 65: How to celebrate the Holy Saturday Preparation Rites

3 thoughts on “Episode 65: How to celebrate the Holy Saturday Preparation Rites”

  1. Maureen Smith

    I have thoroughly enjoyed these Podcasts and I share them with others in my team and they are better than the Webinar’s because we can read and listen to them in the privacy of our own home.

  2. Cris V. Villapando

    Thanks Nick and Diana for generously sharing your time and your talent. God bless you. – – Cris

  3. Nick and Diana, your website, podcasts, and articles are extremely helpful, and I refer to them often. It is very evident that both of you are motivated by love of God and love of neighbor in all you do at TeamRCIA.com. Thank you for being such fine instruments of the Lord’s grace and for providing such understandable, useful, and practical resources for the RCIA!

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