4 thoughts on “Episode 57: How to celebrate the Rite of Sending”

  1. Hi Nick and Diane,
    Thanks for the Rite of Sending podcast — do have a question, however I dismiss catechumens and candidates together since we still send both to the Cathedral (Rite is separated). Id I dismiss the catechumens, what happens to the candidates that are still there? Do they simply walk back to their places or can they dismiss with the catechumens since they will be going to the Cathedral also.

    1. Hi Beverly. Great question! Take a look at the Dismissal of the Elect in the combined rite of sending (RCIA 560). You’ll see there that only the elect are dismissed. (And if you have catechumens who are not yet elect, they would be called forward at this point and also dismissed.)

      The baptized candidates are not dismissed. They would simply walk back to their places, as would all of the sponsors.

      This dismissal of the elect is not a dismissal to the cathedral. It is the regular dismissal that takes place any time the catechumens are at Mass.

      I hope that helps. Thanks for your dedication to this ministry.

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