4 thoughts on “Episode 48: RCIA records you must keep”

  1. Regarding the podcast on record keeping, I’m now officially confused, in particular with regard to the Book of the Elect. If the catechumens sign the Book of the Elect at the Cathedral, should they be signing a Book of the Elect at the parish during the Rite of Sending? Isn’t there only ONE Book of the Elect.

    Also, we record the names of those who are enter into Full Communion in our Baptismal records with all the pertinent info of their baptism. We do not keep a separate book. It seems a little redundant. When our pastor was the Judicial Vicar, he never seemed to be concerned about this.

    We’ve never had a record for Catechumens, but we will now. Thanks for the podcast. Excellent as always,

    1. Hi Linda. Thanks for your comment. In the RCIA, the elect sign the book at the Rite of Election. The parish Rite of Sending is an optional rite that includes an option for signing the Book of the Elect at the parish rite and then later presenting the signed book at the Rite of Election. If you choose the latter option, the Elect would not sign the book at the cathedral.

      If you do the signings in the parish, then there is only one book per parish. However, some dioceses do the signings at the cathedral (not at the parishes) and in some of those dioceses, there is only one book for the entire diocese.

      Regarding entering the names of those received into the full communion of the Catholic Church, it is fine to enter them into the baptismal register.


  2. Just listened to your podcast on the Three RCIA Record Books a parish must have. I can understand keeping track of those who go through the Rite of Acceptance. And I understand the purpose of the Book of the Elect but I am wondering why you would need another book for Candidates for Full Communion when their sacramental information can be added to the parish’s sacramental record books. Of course, designating them as RCIA people in each book.

    Can you clarify the need for another record book for Candidates? Don’t you put their non-catholic baptism, Confirmation and First Communion in those books.

    1. Hi Paula,

      The RCIA says that the register for those received into full communion is to be “a special book” (RCIA 486). Presumably that is a book that is distinct from the other registers of the parish. However, as long as the information is recorded and easily recoverable, it seems entering the information into the baptismal register would satisfy the intent of law.

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