TeamRCIA Institutes and Schools

Making Disciples

Making Disciples is a foundational event for your team. On this event, you and your team will:

  • Discover how the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is a powerful conversion process that forms “missionary disciples”
  • Learn how to apply the core principles of the RCIA across the entire parish to form even more missionary disciples
  • Acquire the skills to build an evangelizing parish that involves the entire community in calling forth missionary disciples
  • Understand the way of faith and conversion and how RCIA rites and catechesis work together to make disciples
  • Discover how to use your parish as a personalized syllabus for the variety of people we meet in the RCIA
  • Identify the steps for doing mystagogical catechesis that leads to conversion of disciples
  • Gain the confidence you need to take the next steps toward transforming your entire parish into a community of disciples through the work of the RCIA

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Rites of the RCIA

This institute will equip your team with the skills they need to plan, implement, and evaluate powerful RCIA rituals.

  • Participants will learn how to prepare the assembly for full, conscious, and active participation in the rites
  • They will learn how to apply the twelve liturgical principles and the four elements every liturgy must have.
  • They will learn how to catechize directly from the rites.
  • They will learn how know when it is okay and even necessary to adapt the rites and when it is better to just follow the book.

We will accomplish this by celebrating adapted versions of three of the RCIA rites, followed by mystagogical reflection on the rite and application of practical principles for both liturgical celebration and liturgical catechesis.

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TeamRCIA Catechist School

The TeamRCIA Catechist School is going to teach you everything you need to know to be an effective RCIA catechist. After spending two full days with us, you will discover:

  • The number-one goal of every RCIA catechist
  • The six principles that shape the entire faith journey
  • How to make sure the inquirers are committed to learning
  • The power of good storytelling to communicate word and dogma
  • Effective adult learning models that work
  • How to navigate the three levels of catechesis we encounter in any RCIA group
  • The four areas of faith formation every RCIA process must cover

The TeamRCIA Catechist School is unlike any other RCIA training you have ever had. You will walk away with a new confidence and a renewed passion for handing on the faith. We promise you will never see the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults the same way again.

Here is one participant’s response:

    I am not quite sure how to express my gratitude for the learning I received. You know, it wasn’t just learning for me. As we talked and learned about breaking open the word, it became more than new insight. I think I was being converted! I found myself deeply longing for Jesus, wanting to know him more. And I was surprised by that because I wasn’t expecting that to show up in a workshop!!!

    Anyway, whomever I meet, I tell them about the workshop; how much differently our lives would look if we actually broke open the word in a that leads to conversion. And storytelling…well, I led a “religion lesson” the other day…and the kids were quiet as mice as I told the story. Awesome!!! Thank you!

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Year-Round RCIA: Create a Parish Plan

What do you do when a seeker shows up in June and your process doesn’t start until September? Have you realized that what you have been doing isn’t working as well as you’d like? Are you thinking of moving to a continuous formation process? How do you design a process if you’re starting from scratch?

In this institute, you will learn how to create a step-by-step plan for moving to a continuous catechumenate process or starting one from scratch. You will come away with:

  • A clear vision of what an effective initiation process looks like
  • Steps for creating or reinvigorating your team
  • A realistic plan that will work in your parish
  • Communication methods to get the whole parish on board
  • Skills for recognizing and removing roadblocks
  • Ideas for celebrating success
  • A method for keeping your vision alive
  • A way to make sure your plan outlasts you

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