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Be the minister your community needs and that God has called you to be. 

We believe in you. You can do amazing things.

Why become a TeamRCIA Member?

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Conversion Happens Here

Be the minister your community needs and that God has called you to be. 

We believe in you. You can do amazing things.

Now, more than ever...

  • our communities need passionate people to help them recognize God’s presence in their lives.
  • seekers need people of faith to guide them in responding to Jesus’s call in these difficult times.
  • the church needs confident, joyful, and Spirit-filled leaders who will step up to be the best ministers they can be.

It’s time for you to become a TeamRCIA Member...

  • if you want to feel confident that you are making lifelong disciples through a flexible, effective training and formation process.
  • if you want to engage in meaningful encounters and discern the movement of the Holy Spirit in the life of each seeker you meet.
  • if you want to lower your stress by relying on the power of your community to transform seekers at any time of year through an apprenticeship in Christian life and mission.

When you become a TeamRCIA Member...

  • you join a global community of thousands of RCIA leaders committed to baptismal mission.
  • you get the tools and support you need right now without getting on a plane or spending more for substantial, quality formation.
  • you will feel more engaged, called, encouraged, confident, and delighted in the amazing things the Spirit is doing through you!

Thank you so much for bringing more clarity. I’m very grateful! I have learned a lot in a short time from your courses, webinars, and books.

Without your resources my ministry would have been more challenging.

I have referenced your organization within my parish and how valuable the information has been for me. I look at the Holy Spirit and your group as my coaches always ready to support and guide me and my team.

—Deacon Bob Liwanag, Ridgewood, New Jersey

Ready to become a TeamRCIA Member?

YES! I’m ready!

Watch this video, and don’t make the same mistake Nick made in RCIA.

Ready to become a TeamRCIA Member?

YES! I’m ready!

Online Courses: interactive, multimedia, complete

When you’re ready for a systematic and intensive way to become the best RCIA minister you can be, these courses will give you pretty much everything you need.

If all you studied were these courses and the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults text, you would be more than super-ready to lead your community’s initiation process.

Your membership includes two comprehensive “master courses” that encompass the entirety of the initiation process and five “mini-courses,” shorter courses with a more focused attention on specific aspects of the initiation process.

As a member, you get access to all these courses plus any new courses that are added.

Master Courses

RCIA Total Training Course
Nick Wagner

Nine modules with 63 lessons for a complete training in the initiation process

  • Introduction to the RCIA
  • Stages of the catechumenate (part 1)
  • Stages of the catechumenate (part 2)
  • The catechetical process
  • The rites of the catechumenate (part 1)
  • The rites of the catechumenate (part 2)
  • Building a team
  • Team formation
  • Children and candidates

Children’s RCIA Catechist Training
Rita Burns Senseman

Eleven modules to give you everything you need to run a children’s RCIA process

  • The most important thing about children in RCIA
  • A new vision for your parish
  • Parents are your essential partners
  • Apply some healthy peer pressure
  • Look for the road signs of faith
  • Listen to the children
  • Develop an apprenticeship plan
  • Teach the faith
  • Decide for Christ
  • Review the journey
  • Bonus: Interview with Rita Burns Senseman


  • Five RCIA Inquiry Questions for Making Disciples - Nick Wagner
  • RCIA in the Midst of the Assembly - Diana Macalintal
  • Nine Essential Strategies for Making Disciples - Nick Wagner
  • Lenten Rites of the RCIA -
    Rita Ferrone
  • Mercy: Key to Christian Life -
    Nick Wagner
  • plus any new courses added during your membership

The training sessions offered in the online courses allowed us to move along at our own pace of acceptance of the new way of thinking and of the adjustment from a “program” to a “process.” 

Our challenges were probably those of finding ways of making this a journey that the seeker wanted to continue on for a lifetime and not just a time frame, of being convicted enough to want to share with others what they had just experienced.

TeamRCIA has given our parish guidance, team training and instruction, suggestions, updates, and meaningful examples of how to involve the community in the process and what can happen when the whole parish becomes “team.”

—Marguerite Mullins, Tonawanda, New York

Webinars: one-hour master classes at home

Your TeamRCIA membership gives you over 50 training webinars. And we're adding more all the time.

Dive deep into the basics of the RCIA process, or uncover and master the core principles of the catechumenate.

Maybe you want to level-up on your catechetical skills or be able to know the deep meaning of the liturgical rites and symbols of the RCIA. 

Start learning today, right from home with presenters from today’s leading experts in catechesis, liturgy, and spirituality.

RCIA training webinars and guest presenters

50-plus RCIA training webinars ready for you right now:

  • The initiation process (12 webinars)
  • The six principles of the RCIA (6 webinars)
  • Paragraph 75: Training in Christian life (4 webinars)
  • Catechesis (13 webinars)
  • Children and teens in the RCIA (2 webinars)
  • Rites of the RCIA (7 webinars)
  • Spirituality (4 webinars)
  • Liturgical seasons (2 webinars)
  • General liturgy (4 webinars)

Learn from the best minds in RCIA:

  • Mary Birmingham
  • Rita Ferrone
  • Kathy Kuczka
  • Rita Burns Senseman
  • Miriam Malone, SNJM
  • Rory Cooney
  • Mary Stommes
  • Johan van Parys
  • Leisa Anslinger
  • Greg Pierce
  • Joe Paprocki
  • Jared Dees
  • Dcn. Bill Ditewig
  • John Hurley, CSP
  • Jerry Galipeau
  • Bill Huebsch

Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the webinar yesterday and was able to very quickly realize it was EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. Continued blessings for your work!

—Rob Kubasko, Tempe, Arizona

Videos: short, quick, doable RCIA training

TeamRCIA Video Marathons make it easy for you to binge-watch your RCIA team training. They’re some of our most popular training tools!

Each marathon has five to seven short videos, about 15 to 20 minutes each. Watch them all in one sitting, or spread them out over a week or more.

These are perfect for team training discussions and forming new team members.

Your TeamRCIA membership gives you total access to every marathon! So grab a snack and your favorite beverage, and let’s get ready for some fun but serious training.

TeamRCIA Video Marathons

  • The RCIA Beginner’s Guide
  • Who’s On Your RCIA Team?
  • An RCIA Drill Down
  • Six Tasks of Catechesis
  • Six Principles of the RCIA
  • Assorted Topics for RCIA teams

The Video Marathon is so impressive. You guys know how to deliver the goods! Concise, clear, deep, intellectual, and understandable! Wow.

—Julie Ann Tobojka Hird, Midland, Georgia

Podcasts: bite-sized conversations

Enjoy over 100 audio episodes—little bite-sized conversations on all things RCIA.

Think of it like happy hour or coffee with friends who just happen to be crazy about RCIA!

Listen at your computer or on your phone while on the go. And if you hear any ice clinking in the background, that’s just Nick and Diana enjoying a beverage or two.

Blog: Over 1,000 RCIA training articles

Use these in-depth articles to sharpen your skills and go deeper into every aspect of initiation ministry.

Print them, copy them, and share them with your team.

It’s your own virtual RCIA library and resource center!

The Lounge: TeamRCIA Members-only exclusive access

As a TeamRCIA Member, you’ll get access to private online gatherings, webinars, watch-parties, and other fun stuff reserved just for you. Because one of the best things about being a member is the community of joyful, amazing people like you!

Ready to become a TeamRCIA Member?

Who is TeamRCIA?

Cofounders Nick Wagner and Diana Macalintal connect with thousands of parish and diocesan leaders all around the globe to help and support them in their mission to communicate this one message to seekers:

Jesus Christ loves you and gave his life to save you.
Christ is living at your side every day.

They both received master’s degrees from Saint John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota (but in different decades), his in liturgy, hers in theology, and taught themselves how to build websites by duct tape, a skill which neither of their degrees prepared them for. They have been married for almost 10 years.

Nick Wagner has a gift for translating theological principles into simple and clear language that inspires joy, commitment, and passion for faith. With more than 35 years of experience, he has become a leading voice and trainer in Catholic liturgical and catechetical ministries. He has worked in campus, parish, and diocesan positions, as well as in religious publishing.

Diana Macalintal is passionate about the catechumenate and Catholic liturgy and music. She has served in campus, parish, and diocesan ministries for 30 years, including 15 as a diocesan director of worship. Her numerous articles and books on liturgy, music, RCIA, and prayer can be found among most major Catholic publishers.

Jason Lillis - Digital Assistant

John Michael Reyes - Q&A Guru

Mary Birmingham - Presenter

Rosie Hernandez - Presenter

Isabel Fernandez - Presenter

John McGlynn - Contributor

I have received so many blessings from your organization—for myself and my team—that I cannot NOT support this cause and become a member of this organization. You have helped me revive my passion for this ministry and enlivened my entire team!!! Thank you for all you do for our parishes and the universal church.

—Rose Wheeler, Henderson, Kentucky

It’s your turn to become a TeamRCIA member

TeamRCIA Membership Pricing

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The discount period has ended, but you can still get in at a reduced price if you act quickly!

ANNUAL membership

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  • one year 24/7 access to all membership resources and benefits
  • automatically renewed each year
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  • 21-day money-back guarantee

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$30 $27 USD
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  • monthly 24/7 access to all membership resources and benefits
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Discount offer expires in:


ANNUAL membership

$360 USD
each person per year

  • one year 24/7 access to all membership resources and benefits
  • automatically renewed each year
  • cancel at any time
  • 21-day money-back guarantee

MONTHLY membership

$30 USD
each person per month

  • monthly 24/7 access to all membership resources and benefits
  • automatically renewed each month
  • cancel at any time
  • 21-day money-back guarantee

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know membership in TeamRCIA is for me?

We’re certain that the resources we’ve created for TeamRCIA members will help you become the best initiation minister you can be. If you’re still not sure, become a member and try it. If after 21 days you’re not convinced, just contact us for a full refund.

Do I have to know a lot about RCIA to benefit?

All of our resources are designed with the beginner in mind. We present all our material in clear, accessible language that is easy to understand and use.

Can I share these resources with my team?

You can freely share any of the training articles from the blog with your team. For the rest of the membership resources, the folks on your team would need to register for their own TeamRCIA membership. Discounts are available for group registrations.  

I’ve been doing RCIA for years. Will membership benefit me?

Yes! We are all always learning. We dive deep into aspects of initiation ministry that even seasoned veterans sometimes don’t know about or can benefit from a refresher.

When can I get started?

Right away! As soon as you sign up, you will have full access for the length of your membership.

Do you have materials available in Spanish?

Regretfully, we do not have the ability to provide materials in Spanish. But we can direct you to some excellent people who can help.

Do you have a diocesan membership plan?

TeamRCIA membership is intended for individuals and parish groups. But if you’re a diocesan coordinator, we can work with you to provide appropriate resources for your specific needs. Just contact us.

Can I still cancel my membership after 21 days?

We always want you to be happy with your purchases from TeamRCIA. If you are not, please let us know so we can try to serve you better. If you still want to cancel, just contact us and we’d be glad to refund you the portion of your membership you have not used.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes! If you find that TeamRCIA membership is not for you, just contact us within 21 days of signing up and we’ll send you a full refund.

I still have questions. How can I contact you?

Find us here by e-mail, phone, or postal mail.

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