54 RCIA resources for Lent

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Daily Prayer, Daily Bread

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) image posted by TeamRCIAJoin TeamRCIA for a conversation with Mary Stommes about the power of prayer and how we can lead catechumens into a daily practice. We will cover the different forms of prayer that the catechumens need to learn as well as some simple ways to help them develop and deepen their prayer life.

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3 Prayers for Catechumens around the time of the Rite of Election

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25 training articles on Lent

  1. 17 best prayer practices for RCIA team members
  2. Reflection Questions for RCIA Seekers: Year C – The Fifth Sunday of Lent through the Second Sunday of Easter
  3. Reflection Questions for RCIA Seekers: Year C – The First through Fourth Sundays in Lent
  4. Initiation team resources for Lent, Triduum and the Easter Season
  5. What does Lent have to offer the baptized candidates?
  6. What the scrutinies do to the elect in the RCIA process
  7. Seven ways RCIA teams can make Holy Saturday holier
  8. Q&A: Can we celebrate confirmation with an RCIA candidate when the bishop comes to our parish?
  9. Q&A: How to celebrate the Anointing of the Catechumens and other RCIA minor rites in pandemic
  10. Q&A: What rites can we celebrate with RCIA baptized candidates in Lent?
  11. How to celebrate the Scrutinies and Presentations during coronavirus restrictions
  12. Avoid these blunders when celebrating the presentations
  13. A few things you probably didn’t know about the scrutinies
  14. Q&A: If you don’t use Year A readings, can you omit the Scrutinies?
  15. Q&A: Can you celebrate the Scrutinies with baptized candidates if you have no catechumens?
  16. 10 Ways to Involve Parishioners in the RCIA Process
  17. How to Celebrate the Scrutinies without Scaring the Catechumens
  18. Are you worried that your RCIA seekers aren’t ready?
  19. Do your parishioners dread or love the Lenten RCIA rites?
  20. Last minute RCIA questions

15 training articles on Triduum

  1. Vatican guidelines on the Triduum in time of Coronavirus
  2. RCIA, the Triduum, and Coronavirus
  3. Conditional baptism is like being struck by lightning: What RCIA teams need to know
  4. This is the night
  5. Our RCIA goal for Holy Week
  6. A Study of Two Baptismal Fonts
  7. How Pope Francis knelt in front of 12 teenage prisoners and taught us to be master RCIA catechists
  8. Four quick real-life tips for celebrating the Triduum with children
  9. Pelicans on Good Friday
  10. How will you catechize your RCIA group about anti-Semitism?
  11. The Triduum and Children in the RCIA

6 Webinar recordings on Lent

  1. Lent: A Crash Course in Christianity for the Elect

  2. Discernment Skills for the Rite of Election…and Beyond
  3. Plan a Successful Discernment Retreat
  4. How to Teach Reconciliation
  5. Planning Basics for the Rite of Sending and the Rite of Election
  6. Practical, essential do’s and don’ts for the scrutinies
  7. The Scrutinies: An ongoing process for completing the conversion of the elect

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