Preparing To Be A Catechist or Teacher: A Personal Retreat (PDF download)

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This is a reproducible resource for you to share with the catechists or teachers in your parish or school.

Your purchase allows you to use and reproduce the retreat materials for free within your entire parish or school.

Once you purchase, you’ll receive an e-mail with your retreat package as a PDF file.

This retreat leads the minister through a challenging set of Christian living choices, offering affirmation and exhorting the catechist or teacher to live what they believe and let others see it.

By means of this retreat, your catechists or teachers will become living signs of faith. Their students will learn from them by watching. In the words of the sage, “Preach often. When necessary, use words.”

Ideal for youth ministry volunteers, catechumenate team members, school personnel, and all in the parish who work in any ministry of catechesis.

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