Joint RCIA Formation: Catechizing the catechized and uncatechized together (online webinar recording)

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Diana Macalintal and Nick Wagner explore how to prepare a catechetical session that will meet the needs of the diverse people we meet in the RCIA.


It’s the third Wednesday of the month, and that means it’s your turn to lead the catechumenate session. Your group includes, at one end of the spectrum, an unbaptized single mother who has trouble understanding “this whole three-persons-in-one-God” thing.

At the other end is a Baptist former seminarian who is preparing to marry a faithful Catholic woman. He has been at Sunday Mass—and often weekday Mass—every week for the last two years. He is also good friends with the pastor, and they frequently discuss articles from America magazine together.
And then there are several folks between those two extremes. How can you possibly prepare a catechetical session that will meet the needs of these diverse people?

That’s exactly the question we’ll tackle in Joint RCIA formation: Catechizing the catechized and uncatechized together—our next TeamRCIA webinar. Join Nick Wagner and Diana Macalintal for an in-depth look at these topics:

  • Why it is crucial to distinguish between the catechized and uncatechized in faith formation
  • What the RCIA means, exactly, by “catechized,” “uncatechized,” and how you can discern the difference
  • A thorough overview of how to catechize both the catechized and the uncatechized—even if your team is small
  • The “so what?”—a discussion about the benefits to your initiation process if you clarify your catechetical focus

This webinar originally aired on May 23, 2012. The full video/audio recording includes a downloadable handout and recommended resources.

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