Why I wrote this book

Don’t make my mistakes

I didn’t start out to write a book about the catechumenate. I started out, 30 years ago, to help one parish—my parish—figure out how to initiate newcomers with what was then a brand new rite. And, with the little we knew and the minimal resources available at the time, I think our parish did pretty well. But, oh, the mistakes we made!

Like you, I have been on a constant search for a resource that would have helped me avoid all those mistakes when I was starting out in RCIA ministry. Over the years, I’ve found lots of really helpful material, but I still haven’t found the one resource I could have put into the hands of the younger me, 30 years ago, that would have helped me get through the Sunday-to-Sunday tumult of meeting with inquirers, training team members, recruiting sponsors, planning rites, and…oh yeah—catechizing!

Wouldn’t it be great to find a resource that had all the information an RCIA team needs, all assembled in one place, to help them stumble less and excel more as they form catechumens in the way of faith?

Next stop on the Way of Faith:
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