What would it take to start and sustain a great catechumenate?

Can a single book transform your RCIA from good to GREAT!?

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You can gain 30 years of valuable experience in catechumenate ministry in the time it takes you to read this book.

In these pages, you’ll find hundreds of tips, insights, guidelines, and solutions for pastoral issues your team is struggling with right now.

Whether you are a veteran catechumenate minister or just starting out, The Way of Faith: A Field Guide for the RCIA Process provides you with reliable, practical guidance to help you start and sustain the catechumenate in your parish. Here’s just a sample of some of the tasks you’ll be able to implement immediately with the help you’ll find in these pages:

  • Plan a Rite of Acceptance
  • Plan a Rite of Sending for Election
  • Plan a Scrutiny rite
  • Lead a dismissal session
  • Lead a catechetical session
  • Know how to know if they’re ready
  • Find sponsors
  • Start a team
  • Get the parish more involved
  • Learn what to do with the baptized folks
  • Know what to do with children
  • Learn how to start a year-round process
  • Figure out how to get started in the first place

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