Jesus’s timing is perfect—one parish’s experience of year-round RCIA

I am blessed to be in the position of directing the RCIA at St. Charles in Hartland, WI, just outside of Milwaukee. Over the last two years we have worked diligently at making our RCIA a truly year-round movement, because we believe that people should be able to obey the Lord’s promptings and enter … [Read more...]

Reflection Questions for RCIA Seekers — 18th-22nd Sundays in Ordinary Time, Year A

Introduction for 18th to 22nd Sundays: We have finished reading Matthew’s Sermon on Parables and move now to a crucial narrative section dealing with the Church as First-fruits of God’s Kingdom/Reign. Repeatedly we will see how the crucial step to enter that Kingdom/Reign is a deep faith in Jesus, a … [Read more...]