Five steps to fruitful evangelization

3 thoughts on “Five steps to fruitful evangelization”

  1. Sylvia Rose-Ann Walker, Ph.D.

    I am encouraged by the notion of listening and getting close. Maybe a lot of this is already being done but not with the perspective of evangelizing but as a natural aspect of our Caribbean culture.
    Going out is challenging for Catholics in our Caribbean culture because such action is associated with Jehovah Witnesses whose proselytizing is based on just that – going out in groups through neighborhoods of villages, cities and towns.

    1. Hi Sylvia Rose-Ann. I agree that Catholic evangelization does not resemble door-to-door proselytizing. It is much more about living a Christian life, which is counter-cultural. When we act in ways that are counter to the culture (which boils down to being more loving and merciful), people will ask questions. That’s where the listening comes in. We have to try hard to listen the questions below the question. I don’t know a lot about Caribbean Catholics, but I’m guessing they can be pretty good at that kind of listening.

  2. I am encouraged by the art of getting to know the people I am called to evangelize. It means I have to listen to them first. I can’t get to know them simply by a classroom didactic. I love to hear the story of their journey, and to let them know mine.

    I am challenged by going out and meeting the people where they are. Pope Francis is right, there are too many structural rules and expectations that govern how we give witness to God Word in the world. I want to do it “right,” according to the rules. That feels safer to me. The challenge is in serving the people of God first, then preaching to them.

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