RCIA will never be the same again

6 thoughts on “RCIA will never be the same again”

  1. Anne Marie Fourre

    What has surprised me the most is the inquirers hungry enough to attend our Zoom sessions, to ask their questions and share their stories and support each other through the internet. I’m not surprised by the dedication of the catechumens and elect, since they have made the commitment and already been in community, but the inquirers are new – one actually STARTED during post-shelter-in-place.
    For the future, I find myself wondering if it’s practical to enable a catechumen who’d otherwise miss a session (babysitter fell through, traveling on business) to connect with the “in person” session via videoconference…

  2. Giorgina robinson

    Thank you for this encouraging message. Im trying to get onto our parish on line mass and can’t becauae of lack of knowledge so this period is forcing me to get in the know. I am an rcia member in the children’s ministry….

  3. I too am amazed at how consistent the RCIA group is in this crisis. I have been inspired by them and have recognized the power of the Holy Spirit in the RCIA journey.
    Going forward will be a new norm and perhaps the time has come for it. Through the years I have seen and adopted the year round model. It seem insensitives to say to a seeker that Religion 101 starts in September as thought it was a college course. Year round respects and embraces the seeker wherever and whatever their need.

  4. Thank you for this article. I am from Singapore.

    I agree with Pat about the enthusiasm of the RCIA elects and candidates. They have been trying to learn how to go on ZOOM and we still meet every Thursday to read the word together, to pray together. I appreciate the recommended timeline towards baptism and we will be adopting that.

    Thank you, Team RCIA for your articles. Keep it coming.

  5. Sharon Laitinen

    Your emphasis on community in this article resonates with my experience at Divine Savior, Orangevale, CA. It has become evident that our gatherings are a form of Eucharist. In other words, we are experiencing the presence of Christ there. The Early Church did not have a building with staff; yet the church flourished. Recalling how powerful the Holy Spirit worked in the early church, makes me excited about our future.

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