Here’s the number-one rule for building an RCIA team

1 thought on “Here’s the number-one rule for building an RCIA team”

  1. Danny Centurioni

    Our team has gone through a few transitions throughout the years.
    At one point, we lost over half of our team because they did not like our new pastor.
    My wife and I immediately prayed about who should replace them. It didn’t take too long to figure out who to invite.
    We had several committed couples where one of the spouses had gone trough the process and eventually both returned to become sponsors. These folks were already committed to the process and understood RCIA and how it works. We invited them and they did not take very long to respond positively.
    Ever since, it has become our rule, when needing new team members, to go to the pool of committed sponsors who are already with us.
    It has proven to be the best way to recruit and maintain a strong committed team. Any one of us can miss a session evening or dismissal at the last minute and other team members are able to pick it up with no problem.
    Sharing responsibilities in all things and delegating duties, has enabled us to support one another in every way. I can’t imagine building a team any other way.

    And, by the way, we are all volunteers, no paid staff members.
    We have observed some other churches who have a paid staff member in charge, and they seem to struggle with some of their team, because it is expected that the paid person do most of the work.
    When everyone is a volunteer, sharing the duties is never a problem.

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