Keep the neophytes involved during mystagogy

Are you having difficulty keeping the neophytes involved during the post-baptismal period?

Watch this video by Nick Wagner for some tips on how to improve your mystagogical period.

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  1. are the effects of the sacraments of initiation for adults the same as the effects if you take them as a child?

  2. Dear Nick, thanks for the great reflection. We looked at paragraph 244…This is a time for the community and the neophytes together to grow in deepening their grasp of the paschal mystery and in making it part of their lives through mediation on the Gospel, sharing the Eucharist, and doing the works of charity. Just recently, a Catholic Senior Apartment complex was built near our parish. Our neophytes prepared and transported a homemade meal for them, served with “fine” china,linens and flowers. Afterwards we hosted a Bingo game with prizes for everyone. It was a great evening had by all!!! One St William’s resident wrote in a thank-you note that, I have not experienced such sharing, caring, fun, and so much love in years. This was a great “hands on” mystogogy experience for us! Processing the experience, it was easy for them to grasp and to see the connection to the Gospel, the Eucharist and our love for others.

  3. Wow Kathy, what a powerful story! Thanks for sharing it, and thanks for all the great ministry you are doing. Happy Easter.

  4. Nick:
    I am new to RCIA and I do enjoys these little segments. Thank you very much. We just recently had our end of year party with great success. We invited neophyts from the past as well as the newly received (Holy Eucharist and Confirmation). I have one quick question, mystagogy speaks about the neophyte but we are also concerned about the newly received. What advice might you have conerning them and mystagogy?

  5. Hi Kevin. Thanks for sharing about your party for the neophytes and newly received.

    You’re right that the RCIA does not mention anything about mystagogy for those who are received into full communion or who are completing their initiation after baptism. That is because their entire process is one of post-baptismal catechesis. (See paragraph 400 in the RCIA.) Even so, they may need tending to after their celebration of the sacraments. You can use some of the same strategies you would use with the neophytes. Have the sponsors or other parishioners make sure they are coming to Mass, invite them to parish events throughout the year, and throw parties for them as you are already doing.

    Thanks for all the great work you are doing in this ministry.

  6. Hi Anthony,

    The effects of the sacraments are not dependent upon age–only on God’s grace. They’re the same for everyone.

  7. Nick,
    Thank you for yoour suggestions for keeping our Neophytes coming back.

    As Coordinator I did not want our neophytes to “be left out” after such a spiritual event.they were not attending sessions after Easter Vigil. We “match” up the neophytes with various Ministries depending on their interests that we discussed with them during the year. The minister chair-people are contacting the neophytes and inviting them to various meetings, Bible study or youth ministry, etc. This process will allow our new members to become a part of our family parish.

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