Sponsors: Nine must-know facts

4 thoughts on “Sponsors: Nine must-know facts”

  1. Thanks, Nick. We will be able to use this info for our participants at Holy Spirit RCIA in Fairfield, CA. Very good site! I’m still traveling through it.
    God bless you, Elba

  2. Hi, Nick. Thanks for posting this info. I’m new at this sponsoring biz, but I’m very excited about it. My own sponsor really didn’t do much except give me the nudge to enquire, for which I shall be eternally grateful. I devoured everything about the Church that I could get my hands on.

    And now a dear friend of mine is doing the same. We’ve had some great talks and she’s gone from casual questions to accompanying me to as many Masses as she can. She now has a burning desire to become Catholic and to receive the Eucharist. God is so good, so very good. And thanks to you and your fellow team-members, I can learn more about being a more effective sponsor for her.

  3. Blessings on you and your friend! I’m sure you will be an excellent companion. There’s a really good book on sponsors you might be interested in. You can see it here. All the best to you.

  4. Judith Moudry

    I’m also new to being A RCIA sponsor and am a little nervous about preparing the Testimony for the Rite of Election.

    Any suggestion or guidelines to help me prepare the testimony. Where do I start.

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