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Leading Seekers to Conversion through RCIA

Thanks for participating in this online training series for catechumenate ministers in the Diocese of Trenton

Here you’ll find all the resources from this training series with TeamRCIA that took place in February, 2021. You will have 24/7 access to all these resources for one year, until March 9, 2022. 

Feel free to share these resources with your parish team members. However, since the training was for your diocese, please only share it with those who minister within the Diocese of Trenton.

Our hope at TeamRCIA is that this training will help you achieve these three goals:

  1. More confidence: When you understand the Church’s vision, you make a real difference in seeker’s lives with gifts and skills you already have.
  2. Deeper encounters: Every encounter is a moment of grace when you know how to discern the Spirit’s unique path for each seeker you meet.
  3. Less stress: Catechumenate ministry is challenging, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be a source of abounding joy in your life.

But this will only happen if you really absorb this training into your bones and make it a foundational part of how you practice this ministry.

So take your time going through these resources. Watch the videos as many times as you like, and make notes for yourself. Then with your colleagues, commit to taking one simple next step toward deeper conversion to Christ for yourselves, your communities, and your seekers.

And if these resources help you in your ministry, consider becoming a TeamRCIA Member to have 24/7 access to a systematic path of learning with a global community committed to making disciples. We’re giving you in the Diocese of Trenton a special discount price on membership for a limited time. Click the button below for more information.

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We believe in you. You can do amazing things.

—Nick and Diana

Preworkshop videos

Workshop 1
Principles of the RCIA (and how it will never be the same again)

February 4, 2021  Workshop resources Extend your learning

Workshop 2
The Awe-Inspiring Rites of the RCIA (and how to do them well even in pandemic)

Workshop 3
Your Parish Is the Curriculum: RCIA in the Midst of the Community

Workshop 4
RCIA is More Than Just Catechesis: Becoming a Field Hospital for Faith

Conversion happens here at TeamRCIA!

“Lots of good and important information summarized clearly and concisely.” 

— Kim Roering, St. Pascal Baylon, Archdiocese of St. Paul

“You practiced what you preach—no jargon, no catch-phrases, honest input rooted in the RCIA!”

— Cheryl Fournier, St Pius X, Urbandale, IA,  Diocese of Des Moines

“I learned so much about the true spirit of the RCIA process. You showed me how to make our process more meaningful to the seekers.”

— Bill Noll, Diocese of Evansville, Indiana

“You totally changed my paradigm!”

—Henry Cheng, Canadian Martyrs Catholic Church, Richmond, BC, Canada

For more resources, become a TeamRCIA Member today!

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Who is TeamRCIA?

Cofounders Nick Wagner and Diana Macalintal connect with thousands of parish and diocesan leaders all around the globe to help and support them in their mission to communicate this one message to seekers:

Jesus Christ loves you and gave his life to save you. Christ is living at your side every day.

They both received master’s degrees from Saint John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota (but in different decades), his in liturgy, hers in theology, and taught themselves how to build websites by duct tape, a skill which neither of their degrees prepared them for. They have been married for 10 years.

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) image posted by TeamRCIA

Nick Wagner

Nick has a gift for translating theological principles into simple and clear language that inspires joy, commitment, and passion for faith. With more than 35 years of experience, he has become a leading voice and trainer in Catholic liturgical and catechetical ministries. He has worked in campus, parish, and diocesan positions, as well as in religious publishing. Contact him at Nick@TeamRCIA.com.

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) image posted by TeamRCIA

Diana Macalintal

Diana is passionate about the catechumenate and Catholic liturgy and music. She has served in campus, parish, and diocesan ministries for 30 years, including 15 as a diocesan director of worship. Her numerous articles and books on liturgy, music, RCIA, and prayer can be found among most major Catholic publishers. Contact her at Diana@TeamRCIA.com.