Would it be better to dismiss child catechumens before the readings for a separate children’s liturgy of the word?

There are pros and cons for this. However, I lean toward keeping the children in the main worship space for the liturgy of the word and dismissing the unbaptized children after the homily. I don’t think it’s important that children understand every word of the readings. I do think it’s important that they master the ritual of what we do during the liturgy of the word. And I think it’s important that they be seen as true catechumens along with the adult catechumens. If the children are having difficulty understanding the readings, it might help to ask their parents to go over the readings with the children before Mass, perhaps using a children’s lectionary version. It might also help to ask the children to focus particularly on the gospel and not worry too much about the other readings. Ask them to remember one thing they hear in the gospel each week and be ready to talk about that. The parents can help here, too, reminding the children just as the Alleluia starts to pay attention.

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