The bees are back!

Team member Rita Ferrone recently received a Best of the Christian Press award from the Associated Church Press. The award is for her April 10, 2009 Commonweal article, "Virgil & the Vigil: The Bees Are Back in the Exsultet." This Award of Merit (second place) in the category seasonal article was … [Read more...]

The Easter Vigil

The Paschal Triduum is the center of the liturgical year, and the Easter Vigil is its high point. It is the liturgy at which night turns into day, and death into resurrection. Why vigil? St. Augustine had a pithy insight into this question: "We now need not wait for the Lord to arrive.... And yet … [Read more...]

Holy Saturday

One of the fabulous images for Holy Saturday is that of Jesus—after his descent into death—pulling Adam and Eve out of their tomb, their prison, and into the light and air. Their shackles fall away. Their eyes blink at the light. It's the so-called "harrowing of hell" theme (it's not really hell of … [Read more...]