Help! My RCIA team is too small

Every parish thinks their team is too small. I met some folks from a Texas megaparish that has 35 people on their RCIA team. They think their team is too small. The smallest team I have served with is three — me and two others.Jesus started with one and maxed out at 12. And most of those guys … [Read more...]

How to influence your pastor

This article is focused on influencing the pastor because that is how the question is most often asked of us here at TeamRCIA. How do I get my pastor to do X?If you are a pastor, I know your concern is the reverse. How do I get my RCIA team to do X? I think most of this will translate both … [Read more...]

How long does RCIA take?

Human beings are bad at making estimates. How long will it take to shop for groceries? How long will the meeting last? I’ll just check Facebook for a minute or two. We are just plain awful at giving accurate answers about time.So when someone asks us, “How long does RCIA take?” what should we … [Read more...]