Introducing Friends on the Way: Children’s Catechumenate Resource (webinar recording)

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The webinar is over. But don’t worry. We recorded it for you. You can watch it, free, here!

Janet Miller, author and designer of Friends on the Way, gives us a complete walk-through of this simple, concrete, comprehensive catechesis for child catechumens.

Friends on the Way is a simple, concrete, comprehensive catechesis for child catechumens. Janet Miller, has put together an amazing set of materials that you can put directly in the hands of your children’s RCIA catechists.

Friends on the Way includes a dismissal session and a catechetical session for every Sunday of the liturgical year. In the course of the year, children learn about the entire mystery of faith. And each session includes a direct link to the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Also, you can use Friends on the Way to help the parents catechize their children—even if the parents’ level of faith-knowledge is not very strong. Each session includes an optional intergenerational activity that will get the whole family interacting together plus a reproducible handout for families to take home, which helps them pray, share faith, and put that faith into action.

The best thing about Friends on the Way is that it is completely electronic. That means you download each session directly to your computer as a PDF file, and you keep that file on your computer as long as you want. Plus, you have our permission to forward that file and to print as many copies as you like for each of the catechists on your team.

Sneak preview of Friends on the Way

Janet is working on the sessions for Year A as we speak. Advent is finished and available now. Christmastide and Winter Ordinary Time are soon to follow. We wanted to let you know about this now so we can give you an advance look. Click here for a free sample (PDF, 478 kb) and take a look for yourself.

For more information on ordering Year A of Friends on the Way, go to this Web page. And if you are not directly involved in the children’s catechumenate, please forward this information to someone who is. They’re going to want to know!

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