Faith, Life & Creed: Marriage

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In this doctrinal session, participants will consider Marriage in the following dimensions:

  • Marriage as a covenant
  • The Biblical foundations of marriage — Old and New Testament
  • Historical foundations
  • Liturgical Rite of Marriage
  • Covers articles #1601 to #1666 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church

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Faith, Life & Creed redesigned and edited Doctrinal Sessions now bear the imprimatur of the Roman Catholic Church.

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Faith, Life & Creed Doctrinal Sessions gives every catechist all the resources needed to prepare a comprehensive, systematic, conversion-oriented catechesis for adults who are preparing to be initiated and for other faith formation gatherings. These sessions help you:

  • connect catechesis to the Sunday liturgy
  • teach the doctrines of the Church that flow directly from the liturgy and the liturgical year
  • support your catechesis by giving you specific correlations to the Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • share stories and connections from everyday life
  • reflect prayerfully with others through conversion-centered questions and conversation-starters
  • organize clear, complete notes for your team and session leaders
  • save time by providing ready-to-print, reproducible handouts for each session

Each doctrinal session is provided as a downloadable PDF file. You keep it on your computer and use each session as needed year after year. Only pay once, and use them over and over again. You can buy them one session at a time, or save 20% and buy the entire collection of forty sessions.

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PastoralPlanning (2011)
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