Eight ways to keep your RCIA process from dying (webinar recording)

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Date: January 12, 2012. Join Nick Wagner and Diana Macalintal for a one-hour online workshop to explore the reason you need to create a sense of urgency on your team.


Discover the eight-stage process for keeping your team vibrant. We’ll discuss these issues:

  • Why RCIA teams fail and members burn out
  • What is required to keep teams thriving
  • How to lead your team to true conversion and growth
  • What could be in store for your team in the new year

This webinar originally aired on January 12, 2012. The full video/audio recording includes a downloadable handout and recommended resources.

Once you purchase your recording, you will receive a download link for a PDF with information on accessing your recording. Be sure to click the download link after your purchase so you can view your recording.

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