RCIA Without Meetings: Forming Faith over the Holidays (webinar recording)

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Date: December 1, 2011. Join Nick Wagner and Diana Macalintal for this 60-minute webinar that will give you some fresh ideas for catechizing over the Christmas-season—without meetings!


Is your life too busy for RCIA this holiday season? Maybe you’re planning to take a break. Or maybe you plan to slog through, hoping the catechumens will show up for your sessions.

What if there were a third way? What if you could continue forming faith without having to hold formal sessions?

  • Discover four ways to teach catechumens about the Blessed Virgin
  • Connect Santa and last-minute shopping with Eucharist—in a good way
  • Learn about two major ethnic traditions that are all about the journey of faith
  • Uncover the catechetical riches of Christmas carols

This webinar originally aired on December 1, 2011. The full video/audio recording includes a downloadable handout and recommended resources.

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