Unlock the Symbolic Code of the Mass (webinar recording)

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Date: November 17, 2011. Join Nick Wagner and Diana Macalintal for this 60-minute webinar to explore a very simple, practical way to understand the symbolic structure of the Mass.


In this webinar, Nick Wagner and Diana Macalintal discuss these questions:

  • Why are liturgical symbols important for catechesis?
  • What is a symbol?
  • How do symbols catechize?
  • How do we celebrate it well?
  • What if we based all our RCIA catechesis on ritual symbol?

This webinar originally aired on November 17, 2011. The full video/audio recording includes a downloadable handout and recommended resources.

Once you purchase your recording, you will receive a download link for a PDF with information on accessing your recording. Be sure to click the download link after your purchase so you can view your recording.

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