Teens in the RCIA: A Journey of Conversion, Rita Burns Senseman (PDF download)

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This new e-resource will answer your questions as to how teens fit in the RCIA and yet still stay connected with teens in the parish.

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Do you feel like you are flying by the seat of your pants when it comes to teens in the RCIA? Not sure where they belong; in adult RCIA or children’s RCIA?

Wondering how teens fit in with youth ministry, confirmation preparation, and RCIA all at the same time?

Well, now a new e-resource, Teens in the RCIA: A Journey of Conversion, will answer your questions as to how teens fit in the RCIA and yet still stay connected with teens in the parish.

This e-resource will give you six step-by-step pathways for making your RCIA with teens effective, organized, and connected to other vital ministries in your parish.

Teens in the RCIA: A Journey of Conversion will give you the following:

  • A Discernment Guide — The first step in initiation ministry with teens is to discern the formational needs of the individual adolescent. You are going to learn how to do exactly that with this practical guide for doing discernment with teens and their parents.
  • Pathways for Initiation — Based upon the needs of the teen and the organizational structure of your parish, you will discover several possible pathways for your teens.
    • The pathways for younger teens (13-14 yrs.)
      • An intergenerational approach that includes families and sponsors
      • An approach that parallels junior high religious education
    • The pathways for older teens (15-17 yrs.)
      • A pathway through the parish’s youth ministry
      • A pathway connected to the adult catechumenate
    • A pathway that parallels confirmation preparation
    • A combined pathway for older and younger teens together in the catechumenate
  • The Role of Peer Companions — No matter what the ages of the adolescents or the pathway they take, the role of peer companions is essential in the RCIA. Learn how to incorporate the baptized peer companions into whichever RCIA pathway you choose.
  • The Liturgical Rites — Use these parish-tested best practices for celebrating the liturgical rites of the RCIA with teens. In particular, this piece will give you concrete steps for preparing teens for the rites and for including their teen companions in the rites too.

If you’ve been flying by the seat of your pants, it’s time to land on solid ground. Teens in the RCIA: A Journey of Conversion is the perfect resource to give you a sure footing in the catechumenate process with teens.

Order it now and start leading your teens on the most important journey of their lives.

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