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RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) image posted by TeamRCIA

Hello everyone. My name is Nick Wagner.

And I’m Diana Macalintal.

You know those public radio pledge weeks where they interrupt your breakfast with something like “Without your support, we would all have to listen to commercial radio for the rest of our lives” pleas?

This message is going to be something like that. So turn the channel or change the web page if you must, but I hope you will stick with us for just a minute or two.

You have the gifts your community needs

We started TeamRCIA in 2007 because, like you, we believe in the vision of the catechumenate. We believe that our belief in Jesus Christ changes lives. And we believe in you. We believe that God has put you on your RCIA team in your parish at this particular time because you have exactly the gifts the seekers in your community need.

At TeamRCIA, our goal is to help you make the fullest use of your gifts possible. You shouldn’t have to struggle with being able to find resources or knowing where to find training or being able to update yourself and your team as you grow more and more in this ministry. TeamRCIA strives to be your go-to spot for all of that. And more. We also believe we are a community. There are 10,000 of us here, if you can believe that! I know! That sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?

Not all 10,000 of us come to this ministry with the same passion, of course. Some of us are passersby and droppers in. Some of us are excited for a while and then burn out. Some have been faithful servants for a couple of generations or more and are now enjoying a well-deserved spell of rocking on the front porch.

You are part of a hearty band

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) image posted by TeamRCIABut there remains a hearty band of brothers and sisters who are in the day-to-day thick of this thing we call RCIA. We wake up worrying about an inquirer who hasn’t returned our several e-mails. We lay down at night smiling at the thought of the catechumen whose spiritual light bulb finally clicked on. We carry so many stories of conversion, compassion, and courage in our hearts that sometimes we think we might burst.

This is the core of our community here at TeamRCIA. We know each other’s struggles and joys, and even if we have never met face-to-face, we know each other.

So here’s the public radio part. We want to ask for your support so that TeamRCIA can continue to serve you in this great mission of the catechumenate. Now I know you think we’re going to ask you for a donation, but we’re not. (We are going to ask you to buy something, but more on that in a minute.)

Six ways to support the mission of the RCIA

Here’s how you can contribute to building up the TeamRCIA community.

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) image posted by TeamRCIA

  1. Comment on the articles we write. You don’t have to say anything much. Just a word or two of encouragement lets us and the rest of your 10,000 colleagues know that you’re out there and you’re participating.
  2. Tell your fellow team members about us. And tell the team members in the other parishes in your diocese about us. We know lots of you are already doing that, and we really appreciate it.
  3. Post a link to on your website. If you want to go really crazy with showing the love, write a note on your website about what you like about TeamRCIA.
  4. Like us on Facebook. Someone who is really, really smart about Facebook told us that to have a truly active, engaged community on Facebook, you need about 3,000 fans. Right now, TeamRCIA has about 750, so we have a ways to go. If the “Like” button below is blue, click on it to turn it grey and add to the TeamRCIA fan count.

  5. If you’re already a fan on Facebook, like, comment on, or share posts from TeamRCIA that show up in your newsfeed. Again, our really, really, smart Facebook friend told us that if a post has no likes or comments, Facebook “buries” the post and not very many people see it. Liking, commenting, and sharing raises the visibility. But more importantly, it also builds community. We all learn from one another.
  6. Finally, we are asking you to consider becoming a formal member of TeamRCIA. We are launching three levels of membership, and our hope is that at least one of the levels will appeal to almost all 10,000 of the people currently connected in some way to TeamRCIA.

Unlike public radio, however, you are going to get much more than a tote bag with your membership.

Basic membership level

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) image posted by TeamRCIAThe first level is the Basic level. The Basic level is totally free! With a Basic membership, you have access to a library of hundreds of great training articles on the RCIA, a weekly newsletter, a weekly podcast, and a curated, discount bookstore. The only donation you have to make is your e-mail address, which remains under a confessional-like seal of protection. We never tell anyone we have it.

Premium membership level

The second level is the Premium level. At the Premium level, you get a little more. In addition to everything in the Basic membership, you get one free webinar recording from the TeamRCIA archives, a 60-minute personal TeamRCIA coaching session over the phone with you and your team (that alone is a $100 value), a 10% discount for all webinars during your membership year (which includes the recording), and a 10% discount on recordings of webinars you are unable to attend during your membership year.

All Access membership level

The top level is the All Access level. The All Access membership is for that hearty band of brothers and sisters we mentioned. In addition to everything above, you get one free individual registration (or $15.00 off a group registration) for all TeamRCIA webinars during your membership year (that’s a value of $165.00 all by itself), and 50% off all online courses offered during your membership year (a potential value of up to $250.00).

You can click on the orange button below to see a comparison chart and to sign up.

You are in our prayers

But know this. Whether you become an official member or not, you are part of the TeamRCIA community. We keep you in our hearts and prayers, and we hope you do the same for us.

Thank you for all the hard and holy work you are doing. You are the gift God sent to your community, and all of us are forever grateful.


Diana Macalintal and Nick Wagner

on behalf of the entire TeamRCIA community

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) image posted by TeamRCIA

Photo credits: Light my fire, bro; Self portrait; It’s always a journey; all by by Zach Dischner (via Flickr)

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