Prayers for Catechumens around the time of the Rite of Election

A Catechumen’s Prayer Before the Rite of Election

Creator God,
even before I was born,
you called me and named me.
Even before I understood,
you sought and summoned me.
All this time, you have been choosing me, Lord,
in secret and intimate ways.
Now, you call me to stand before you,
before your people,
to be elected by your Church,
to be chosen by you for the world to see.
Grant me the courage
to answer your call, loudly and clearly,
to give you my name
and so give you my life,
that I may receive the name of your Son,
Jesus Christ, and make each day of my new life in him
a public testimony to his holy name.

—Diana Macalintal, © 2008


Prayer of a Catechumen Who Has Decided to Wait

I know it’s not a race or a test of will.
Yet I feel a bit left behind, Lord,
now that I’ve decided to wait a little longer
to be baptized.
Maybe I’m missing out.
Maybe I’m not good enough.
Maybe, Lord, I might never be ready.
How will I know when I am?
In this time of waiting, let me learn patience—
patience with you and with myself.
Let me be alert to the opportunities each day
to fall more deeply in love with you,
with your Word, and with your people who live that Word.
Let me learn to trust that you will be at my side
with each slow, tentative step,
encouraging and never forcing,
guiding and never pushing,
faithful no matter how long it takes.
And let me learn to wait in joyful hope
for the day I know is coming,
when all my “maybes”
will be transformed by your enduring love
into complete and total faith in you.
I do believe, Lord. Help my unbelief.

—Diana Macalintal, © 2008


The Baptized’s Prayer for the Catechumens

Life-Giving Father,
you desire that we may be one in Christ,
so that all creation may give you praise.
Look kindly upon the catechumens you have called
to the table of your Word.
We pray especially for N. and N. of our parish.
Through the power of your Word,
our life of prayer,
and the example of Christ’s love
we share with those most in need,
may they come in time to the table of the Eucharist
where we shall stand as one body
united in the Holy Spirit
to offer you praise and thanksgiving
through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

—Diana Macalintal, © 2008

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