Episode 7: Exorcism and the mystery of evil in the RCIA

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Discover how the elect wrestle with the mystery of evil and how to maximize the power of the three major exorcisms of the lenten period.

Articles on the history of the scrutinies

History of the scrutinies: 3 things your RCIA team needs to know
RCIA vs. Hollywood—the true meaning of “exorcism”

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Webinar: Practical, essential do’s and don’ts for the RCIA scrutinies

The three scrutinies that we celebrate with the elect can be powerful moments of conversion for the entire parish. Or they can be deadly dull exercises in pious patience. Come find out how to make your celebrations compelling and effective. Here’s what we’ll be discussing:

  • Why the scrutinies are some of the most important rites in the RCIA
  • What the scrutinies celebrate
  • Essential do’s and don’ts for powerful celebrations
  • What could happen to our parishes if we did the scrutinies well

Don’t miss this essential workshop! Click here for more information.


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