Episode 4: Active Listening

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) image posted by TeamRCIA

Learn a simple three-step process for deeply listening to inquirers and catechumens.

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  1. Episode 121: Why the church returned to the norm of adult baptism
  2. Episode 120: Four key markers that identify us as true Christians
  3. Episode 119: The ancient truth about the church that Vatican II revealed
  4. Episode 118: How God speaks to us today
  5. Episode 117: Three words in the Creed that caused the great schism between East and West
  6. Episode 116: How the Holy Spirit Sparked a Centuries Long Church Controversy
  7. Episode 115: From the archives—The four most powerful symbols of the Easter Vigil
  8. Episode 114: From the archives—Best RCIA practices for the Easter Vigil
  9. Episode 113: What the Creed teaches about final judgment
  10. Episode 112: How the early church catechized about Jesus

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  1. I love Team RCIA! Thank you for all your hard work! My question / comment: When listening to the seekers, if I had a similar situation, would be inappropriate for me to share my experience with the person?

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