Six signs of readiness for the Rite of Acceptance

How do you know if your inquirers are ready to celebrate the Rite of Acceptance? The RCIA gives us some clear guidelines to help us discern. Discover what they are in this brief video.

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  1. Nick – loved this post. It is always challenging to get team members intent on “not judging” to consider these things, but it is SO necessary. My question is – how do you tell the difference between a “conversion” to Jesus v.s. a desire to join the Catholic Church? I think catechists need to understand both, and able to connect both, but this is an ongoing problem on our team.

  2. Hi Lawson. Great question! I don’t think there is a black-and-white answer since the church is the manifestation of Christ. But one indicator might be if the inquirers are beginning to exhibit the “kingdom” behaviors described in Mt. 25:34-36 vs. wanting to know what all the rules are or what they have to do to get baptized.

    Maybe other readers have more thoughts and can chime in. I think it’s an important issue.

  3. Lawson & Nick – I liked the question and the response. I have found that when inquirers are not so concerned with a set-in-stone “timeline” they are more likely to be exhibiting conversion. Unfortunately, there are many who want the cliff notes.

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