Looking for RCIA at the LA Religious Ed Congress

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) image posted by TeamRCIAI’m headed south for the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress on Thursday. If you’ve never been, it is an experience like no other. The Congress draws more than 40,000 participants who come to hear speakers from all over the world. Despite the name, the Congress is not limited to religious education themes. There are many workshops on liturgy, social justice, parenting, ethics, Scripture, and parish leadership. I’m hoping to find some insightful ideas about the catechumenate, but the offerings there look a little sparse this year. Fr. Ray Kemp is leading a workshop titled “Preparing Pastoral Preaching that is Pointed, Prayerful and Purposeful,” which is listed as a catechumenate offering. I’ll wander by there and try not to sit in the front row if he is going to be using all those “P” words.

If you’re in Los Angeles for the Congress, come visit me at the Twenty-Third Publications booth. Otherwise, I’ll see you here when I return next week.

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