A Preparation Rites retreat for the elect on Holy Saturday

RCIA photo posted by TeamRCIA.comIn order to help you prepare the elect for their initiation, I’ve written a Holy Saturday retreat, which includes the Preparation Rites, that is FREE for subscribers to TeamRCIA.

The church’s great festival of initiation is approaching fast. Be sure to provide the elect with some substantial time for prayer and reflection as they prepare for this important step. The RCIA suggests that all of Holy Saturday be a time of retreat:

The elect are to be advised that on Holy Saturday they should refrain from their usual activities, spend their time in prayer and reflection, and, as far as they can, observe a fast. (185)

The RCIA goes on to suggest that you bring the elect together to celebrate the Preparation Rites that begin at paragraph 187.

The retreat I’ve prepared for you includes the Ephpheta rite, the recitation of the creed, and an adaptation of the rite of choosing a baptismal name. The retreat should be adapted according to need in places where the presentation of the creed has not yet taken place, where the presentation of the Lord’s Prayer has not taken place, or where the choosing of a baptismal name is an appropriate addition.

The retreat has four “modules” that can be adapted, interchanged, or used as the basis for creating a retreat suitable to particular groups and circumstances.

The retreat is designed so that it can be adapted to a very small group or even to one person preparing for initiation. Godparents, sponsors, parishioners, and baptized candidates may be invited to be present in support of the elect who will be participating in the Preparation Rites.

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  1. This is exactly what we’ve been looking for and will use it this coming Holy Saturday. I have been trying to talk my director into having an “in-house” retreat for our process but she has thought, up until now, that the diocese was the way to go. Thanks for giving me the perfect tool to present to her.

  2. Dear Nick and Diana and All,
    While I am VERY familiar with what the Rite says about a retreat for the Elect on Holy Saturday, I don’t do it. We facilitate the retreat the Saturday before Palm Sunday.
    There is just too much to do for me (and for them) on that day -so, rather than being prayerful and quiet, everyone is stressed out. I’ve been doing this for 5 years now and it is the best decision for me – yes, at this point, it is about me, since I am the only pastoral worker in the parish.

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