Teaching secrets from the ancient church

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Love of God does not spring from study. It is not from others, after all, that we learn to enjoy the light, to yearn for life, and to love our parents and those who nourish us. Much less, then, does love of God arise from external teaching. Rather, as soon as people exist they have the germ of reason, and this contains the power and impulse to love. In the school of divine instruction, therefore, we but cultivate this power and wisely nourish it; thus, with God’s help, it is brought to full development. For our part, we shall endeavor here, as far as the Holy Spirit enables us, to fan into flame this spark of love for God that is hidden within you.

From the Longer Rules by St. Basil the Great (as cited in Benedictine Daily Prayer, p. 521)

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  1. I like this quote of St. Augustine very much. Maybe you can use it. It came to my mind after reading your quote of St. Basil

    You cannot love things you do not know. But if you love things you barely know, love itself will make that you willknow them better and in fullness.
    (Iohannis evangelium tractatus 96,4 St. Augustine)

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